Fred Blau


Meet Fred Blau


Fred Blau started his make-up career as an apprentice at Warner Brothers Studios in 1974. During his apprenticeship, he was involved in formulating Warner Color make-up for the department head, Gordon Bau. After Blau's three-year apprenticeship, he was asked to make some blood for a movie and then hundreds of gallons later, he formed a partnership and Reel Creations, Inc. was born. Now it is tens of thousands of gallons.

The major products for Reel Creations, Inc. are Reel Blood and Reel Body Art in the form of temporary tattoos, airbrush make-up and cover-up, which became industry standards. Mr. Blau is now retired after 48 years as a motion picture make-up artist and a total of 59 years in the industry. Blau's credits include: Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolfe, Cool Hand Luke, Apocalypse Now, Ed T.V., How the Grinch Stole Christmas photo double, Planet of the Apes TV Series and many others. Blau came out of retirement to work again for Rick Baker on Planet of the Apes, after which he finally retired.


Seminars by Fred Blau



FB#1 Outline: Hair, Hair Preperation And Laying Hair On Tuffy Head Purchase Now
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Running Time: (1 hr / 40 min / 51 sec)


  1. Products and Equipment

  2. Hair Types: European, Asian, Yak, Synthetic and Crepe Wool

  3. Preparation of Hair and Crepe Wool

  4. Woven Braids

  5. Separating Hair

  6. Straightening Hair

  7. Removing Moisture

  8. Hackling Hair

  9. Crimping Hair

  10. How to Store Hair

  11. Lecture about Laying Hair on Tuffy Head

  12. Creating a Blend

  13. Pulling Hair from Hackle

  14. Show Hair Directions

  15. Lay Sideburns and Beard

  16. Floating Sideburns and Beard Off


FB#2 Outline: Laying Beard And Moustache Step By Step Demonstration Purchase Now
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Running Time: (1 hr / 43 min / 42 sec)


  1. Products and Equipment

  2. Clean Skin

  3. Choosing Hair Blend

  4. Hackling Hair

  5. Hair Direction

  6. Explain Spirit Gum and Application

  7. Removing Shine from Spirit Gum

  8. Removing Hair from Hackle, Cut and Fan

  9. How to Lay and Shingle Hair

  10. Removing Cross Hairs

  11. Laying Moustache

  12. Laying Thin Edges

  13. Curling Hair

  14. Combing Hair

  15. Curling and Styling

  16. Removing Cross Hairs

  17. Shaping Beard

  18. Floating Beard Off