Greg Cannom


Meet Greg Cannom


Greg Cannom, Makeup Artist, who won this year's Oscar® for Achievement in Makeup for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, is a nine-time Oscar® nominee (he also won for Mrs. Doubtfire and Dracula). He has more than 100 film and television credits, including Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, Master and Commander, The Passion of the Christ, Titanic and A Beautiful Mind.









Seminars by Greg Cannom



GC#1 Outline: Old Age Makeup Using Encapsulated Gelatin Appliances Purchase Now
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Running Time: ( 3h / 23min / 51sec )


  1. Preparing the Models Skin
    1. Cleaning the Skin Surface
    2. Application of Derma-Sheild
  2. Prepping the Hair for a Bald Cap
    1. Gluing the Hair Down
    2. Applying Spirit Gum (Matte Adhesive)
  3. Application of Bald Cap
    1. Trimming the Excess Cap Material
    2. Applying Adhesive (Telesis 5)
    3. Painting the Bald Cap
      1. Blending Applied Cap Color With Skin Tone
      2. Hiding the Natural Hair
  4. Prepping For Facial Appliances
    1. Derma Sheild to Protect the Face
  5. Neck Appliance
    1. Lining it up with Key Points on the Face
    2. Gluing and Stretching the Appliance
  6. Chin Appliance
    1. Over Lapping the Bottom Lip
  7. Upper Lip Application
    1. Blending in With the Top Lip
    2. Dissolving Edges With Acetone
  8. Check Appliance
    1. Overlapping the Neck Appliance
    2. Lining The Edges up With Key Wrinkles
  9. Eyebag Appliance
    1. Avoiding the Eyelashes
  10. Forehead Appliance
    1. Gluing Down the Eyebrows with Telesis 5
    2. Blending the Edges with Acetone
  11. Earlobe Appliance
    1. Eyelid Stippling with Matthew Mungle "Old Age" Stipple
  12. Finishing Touches
    1. Blending all Edges With Acetone
    2. Air brusing
      1. Layering Colors
    3. Age Spots
      1. Toning Down
      2. Applying the Taupe Color
    4. Applying the Wig