Judy Crown


Meet Judy Crown


Judy Crown has been a hairstylist in the film and television industry for over 30 years, working on both feature films and television shows. Notable projects include features, such as Gods and Monsters and Runaway Jury and her Emmy Award winning work on Designing Women and Houdini, a movie made for television. She also received 6 additional Emmy nominations for her work.

Much of her work has been done in "period" films and television shows. Although Ms. Crown is retired, she remains active in the industry by teaching all facets of hairstyling and wig skills for her union, for new members of the business, and for TheMakeupSpace.com.


Seminars by Judy Crown




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Running Time: (2 hrs / 21 min / 00 sec)


  1. Wig Cleaning
  2. Wig Blocking
  3. Wig Dressing
  4. Wig Washing
  5. Application of Wig
  6. Fitting and adjustments
  7. Adhesives
  8. Tools
  9. Removal methods
  10. Removal and cleaning solutions