Gil Mosko


Meet Gil Mosko


Mr. Mosko is a five-time Emmy Award winner and a member of Local 706. Mr. Mosko has created advanced foam compounds and appliances in his advanced lab facility, known as GM Foam. There, all phases of design and creation of Makeup effects are produced for films including: Hancock, The Last Samurai, the Star Trek series, Face/Off, Holes, xXx, Planet of the Apes, Galaxy Quest, Wild Wild West, Batman Returns and The Goonies. His television credits include: Dexter, Alias, The Others, Frasier, and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Mr. Mosko is the founder and President of GM Foam, Inc., an international manufacturer of foam latex for the film and television industries.


Seminars by Gil Mosko



GM#1 Outline: An Introduction to Running Foam Latex Purchase Now
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Running Time: (1 hr / 24 min / 23 sec)


  1. What is Foam (GM)
  2. Chemistry of Foam Latex
  3. Foam latex base
  4. Curing Agent
  5. Foaming Agent
  6. Gelling Agent
  7. Mold Release
  8. Latex Treatments/Additives
  9. How to use an O’haus Balance
  10. How to read and interpret the instruction sheet
  11. Running a sample 150gm batch (small Sunbeam bowl)
  12. Running a sample 375gm batch (large Sunbeam bowl)
  13. Foam Gelation


GM#2 Outline: Safety in the Make up Workplace Purchase Now
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Running Time: ( 0 hrs / 45 min / 58 sec )


  1. Introduction to chemistry of commonly used materials

  2. Solvents and their chemistry

  3. General talk about chlorinated hydrocarbons, including mention of “carbon test”

  4. Adhesives: spirit gum types, silicone based adhesives and acrylic based adhesives

  5. PAX Paint

  6. Safety Information

  7. MSDS sheets, how to read them and where to store them

  8. Forceps and their correct use

  9. Storage of solvents

  10. SHIPPING of flammables****VERY IMPORTANT

  11. Skincare, the care for skin conditions, when to notify the medic

  12. Emergency cleanup kit

  13. What to tell the ambulance driver


GM#3 Outline: Details of Foam Bald Cap Fabrication, Application and Removal Purchase Now
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Running Time: ( 2h / 14min / 47sec )


  1. Step by Step Slide Show of Foam Latex Bald Cap Fabrication

  2. Pre-painting Foam Latex Bald Cap

  3. Prepping Model for Application of Foam Latex Bald Cap

  4. Application of Foam Latex Bald Cap

  5. Gluing and sealing edges

  6. Painting

  7. Modeling with color

  8. Removal of Foam Latex Fabricated Bald Cap