Matthew Mungle


Meet Matthew Mungle


Mr. Mungle, a very distinguished graduate of the Joe Blasco Make-up Center, is a member of Local 706, an Academy Award winner, and one of Hollywood's premiere make-up and special make-up effects artists. With over one hundred film and television projects to his credit, Mr. Mungle has earned recognition as one of the top make-up masters. He won an Academy Award for Bram Stoker's Dracula (with Michele Burke and Greg Cannom). He was nominated for The Ghosts of Mississippi and Schindler's List. He has been nominated for twenty-one Emmys and won six Emmys for the following: Citizen Cohn, The X-Files, Door to Door, Six Feet Under, John Adams, and Tracey Ullman's State of the Union.'

Other projects include: The Tempest, Little Britain U.S.A., CSI, Bedazzled, Max Payne, Burning Plane, Van Helsing, The Scorpion King, Red Dragon and Tropic Thunder. Mr. Mungle is the president and founder of W.M. Creations. Inc., which is a highly regarded special make-up effects lab.


Seminars by Matthew Mungle



MM#1 Outline: Aging Makeup Using Stock Gelatin Appliances Purchase Now
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Running Time: (3 hrs / 12 min / 57 sec)


  1. Lecture- Perception of Aging An Actor
  2. Beginning Points to Consider
  3. Prosthetic Appliances Used in The Aging Makeup
  4. Concepts
  5. Photoshop Design
  6. Designing Hair for the Character
  7. What to Look for in a Face to Aid Character Design
  8. Realistic Aging with Makeup
  9. Bald Cap or Bald Pate
  10. What Products to Use
  11. Gelatin, Foam or Silicone
  12. Preparation For Makeup
  13. Application of Gelatin Appliances
  14. Blending and Sealing Appliances
  15. Painting Gelatin Appliances
  16. Aging Stipple
  17. Bald Pate Application
  18. Wig Application
  19. Removal



MM#2 Outline: Fantasy, Faerie Character Makeup Using Stock Foam Latex Appliances Purchase Now
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Running Time: (2 hrs / 42 min / 54 sec)


  1. Lecture - The Perception Of Character Makeup On An Actor
  2. How To Begin The Project
  3. Directors & Production Notes
  4. Concepts
  5. Photoshop Design
  6. What To Look For In A Face To Aid In Character Design
  7. How To Design A Character
  8. How Many Prosthetic Appliances Are To Be Used
  9. Breaking  Down The Prosthetic Appliance Edge
  10. What Type Of Products To Use
  11. Gelatin, Foam Or Silicone
  12. What Adhesives To Use
  13. Preparation for Makeup Application
  14. Application Of Stock Foam Rubber Appliances
  15. Bald Cap Application
  16. Blending And Sealing
  17. Painting
  18. Wig Application
  19. Removal



MM#3 Outline: Death and Gore Effects: Using Gelatin Appliances, Silicone Appliances and Silicone Sculpting Gel Purchase Now
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Running Time: (2 hrs / 35 min / 42 sec)


  1. Analyzing the Death  Process
  2. Chronology of Death / Decomposition Time-Line
  3. Bloating Effects
  4. Lividity and Its Patterns
  5. Blanching Effects
  6. Causes of Death
  7. Re-Creating Crime Scene for Research
  8. Procedures for Preparing a Cadaver for Autopsy
  9. Continuity of Procedures
  10. The Autopsy “Y” Incision Discussion and Demonstration
  11. Discussion of Medical Procedures
  12. Choosing What Type Of Prosthetic Appliances to Use
  13. Making Up the Character
  14. What Make Up Products to Use
  15. What Adhesives to Use
  16. What Bloods to Use
  17. Makeup Application Set Up
  18. Application of Prosthetic Appliances
  19. Order of Application
  20. Demonstration of Airbrushing
  21. Application of Stacolors
  22. Finshing Details of Makeup
  23. Removal of Appliances and Makeup


The images in the above seminar contain highly graphic scenes depicting actual crimes, death, gore, and autopsies.  These images are for research purposes only.  Viewer discretion is advised.  Parental guidance is advised for viewers under 18 years of age.

You must be at least "18" years of age  to purchase  the blood & gore  seminar. By placing an order on you are certifying that you are at least "18" years of age. NO SALES TO MINORS. if you are under 18 you will need an adultor legal guardian to purchase the seminar for you.


MM#4 Outline: Special Make-up Effects Television Script Breakdown and Budgeting Purchase Now
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Running Time: (0 hrs / 35 min / 55 sec)


  1. Script Breakdown for a One –Hour Television Show
  2. Out line of Script
  3. First Writer’s Draft
  4. Breakdown of the Special Make-up Effects from Script
  5. Second Writer’s Draft
  6. Actual First Draft of Script
  7. Concept Meeting with Director, Producers and 1st Assistant Director (1st AD)
  8. Special Make-up Effects meeting with Costume Designer, Property and Visual Effects Departments
  9. Conversation with 1st Assistant Director (1st AD) for Casting Actors and Scheduling
  10. Budgeting Special Make-up Effects for each Episode
  11. Budgeting each Special Make-up Effect Prosthetic
  12. Breaking down One-Line Schedule
  13. Budgeting down time for “On Set Make-up Artists”
  14. Production Meeting Detail
  15. Shooting Script Description and Breakdown
  16. Shooting Script Changes and Page Detail
  17. Finalizing the Special Make-up Effects Budget