Gail Ryan


Meet Gail Ryan


Mrs. Ryan is a Journeyman Hairstylist for the Local 706. She has worked at NBC and ABC, where she ran the hair department. She also ran the hair department for The Donnie and Marie Show, where she was nominated for two Emmys. Mrs. Ryan has worked in both television and film. She won the Academy Award for How the Grinch Stole Christmas, as well as a BAFTA, Saturn and The Hollywood Make-up and Hairstylist Award. Some of her credits include: The Donnie and Marie Show, In Living Color, Reba, The Assassination of Richard Nixon, How The Grinch Stole Christmas, Faceless, Must Love Dogs, The Ring Two, 21 Grams and The Wolf Man.


Seminars by Gail Ryan


  • GR #1: Marie Antoinette Wig Construction


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Running Time: (1 hr / 26 min / 55 sec)


  1. Preparing Buckram
  2. Sectioning Hair
  3. Setting Buckram
  4. Gluing Buckram Down
  5. Back Combing for Wave Patterns
  6. Creating Top Curls
  7. Blending Curls of Two Wigs
  8. Creating Large Curls with Wooden Dowel
  9. Adhering Curls Tight to Wig
  10. Shaping Hair and Curls
  11. Setting