Ronnie Specter


Meet Ronnie Specter


Ms. Specter is a very successful graduate of the Joe Blasco Make-up Center. Her beauty and fantasy designs have graced the catwalks of some of the world's hottest fashion events and appeared on covers of major magazines. She has created and executed the make-up designs for some of the sexiest villainesses ever to be seen on the silver screen. She works as a personal artist for Michelle Pfeiffer and Kim Basinger, as well as for many other talented actresses in the industry. Ms. Specter enjoys teaching and working in all aspects of beauty and glamour. Some of her film credits include: The Skeleton Key, The Sentinel, I Am Sam, Cellular, Cast Away, What Women Want, White Oleander, 8 Mile, Stardust, Lonely Hearts, Batman, and The Informers.


Seminars by Ronnie Specter





RS#1 Outline: Fundamental Beauty Makeup by Ronnie Specter Purchase Now
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Running Time: (1 hr / 42 min / 20 sec)


  1. A Personal Introduction of Ronnie Specter, Credentials and her Education.
  2. A Brief History of Makeup and Its Origins
  3. Facial Shapes
  4. Color Theory
  5. Skin Tones with Color Charts
  6. Undertones
  7. Young Skin vs. Mature
  8. Color Theory
  9. Light And Shadow
  10. Corrective Makeup Theory
  11. Evening-Out Face/Hi Lighting
  12. Contouring
  13. Neutralizing
  14. Eyebrows
  15. Eye Shapes
  16. Eye-Colors
  17. Lip Shapes
  18. Demo of Corrective Makeup
  19. Preparation on Skin
  20. Brushes
  21. Products



RS#2 Outline: Beauty Fantasy / Avant-garde Ronnie Specter Purchase Now
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Running Time: (1 hr / 42 min / 19 sec)


  1. Lecture on Makeup in Different Mediums
  2. Different Types of Beauty Looks
  3. Editorial, Fantasy and Character Beauty Variations
  4. Developing The Look of The Characters Through Research
  5. Inspiration: Colors from Nature, Gems, Fabrics, Jewelry and Classic or Modern Art.
  6. Creating a Beautiful Character from Script Dictates
  7. Dark (Evil) Fantasy Beauty Character and Light (Wholesome) Fantasy Beauty
  8. Demo Of Dark (Evil) Fantasy Beauty Character
  9. Cosmetic Products
  10. Cosmetic Brushes
  11. Suggested Reading List