Makeup Artistry Proficiency Certification


Makeup Artistry Testing and Certification is provided at either of the MUATV Studios (Hollywood or Orlando) upon proof of completion of two different seminars from each category. A proficiency certificate will be given once the individual successfully passes a practical exam given at any of the MUATV Studios (Hollywood, Orlando or New York).




  1. Production information and pro makeup history
  2. Preparation to apply makeup
  3. Natural beauty
  4. Corrective beauty
  5. Glamour/high fashion
  6. Beauty fantasy / Avant-garde
  7. Aging makeup
  8. Bald cap techniques
  9. Facial & body hair
  10. Injury simulation
  11. Character makeup
  12. Classic Monster makeup
  13. Prosthetics application
  14. Gore & death effects


This Certificate will state that the individual has successfully passed an exam for "On-Camera Proficiency" in each phase of Makeup Artistry.


Those phases shall be:

  1. Natural Beauty Makeup
  2. High Fashion Beauty Makeup
  3. Aging Effects
  4. Injury Simulation Effects
  5. Death Effects
  6. Hand-Laid Beard Work
  7. Bald Cap Application
  8. Other categories may be added on the day of the exam.




  • Applicants must be 18 years of age with a valid high school diploma or GED certificate.
  • Proof of completion of two different seminars in each category, viewed for no less than 2 days each
  • Submission of satisfactory on-camera Makeup work (digital still photos or DVD) 
  • Payment of $500 processing fee 


Only those individuals who have satisfied the above prerequisites will be selected to participate in the examination process.




  • Examination attendees (artists and models) are responsible for their own transportation, lodging and food requirements.
  • Applicants must provide their own models, being no less than 30 years of age (1 Male, 1 Female)
  • The test will be given in one day over a ten hour period.
  • A fully equipped and sanitary Makeup kit is required during the testing session. Proper sanitation and sterilization of equipment, cosmetics and tools is required. The applicant must provide their own fully equipped and sanitary makeup kit.
  • Joe Blasco and selected members from the MUATV makeup staff, as well as varying seminar instructors will administer the examination. There will be no-less than three examiners present during each testing session. Examiners availability shall be subject to their work schedule.


Individuals who fail may be re-tested at the next scheduled examination.


Further details will be provided to the applicant as well as a free examination preparation seminar once they have been selected to participate.


Those individuals who successfully complete the testing process will be eligible to receive a Scholarship equivalent to 30% of the cost of your purchased seminars. (Materials not included. Scholarship maximum is $5,000) The Scholarship may only be applied toward the full Professional Make up Artistry Course at any of the ”hands-on” Joe Blasco Makeup Artist Training Centers (Hollywood, CA or Orlando, FL).


You may direct any questions to and/or