Aging Makeup


Seminar Contents

Aging makeup requires subtlety. For today’s processes, it must look realistic and never overdone. When working strictly in paint & powder (highlight and shadow, or non-dimensional makeup), a slight accentuation of the shadows of the subject’s face, followed by minute wrinkle pattern detailing will yield best results. In youth and rejuvenation makeup, the gaps between the facial planes are normallyu highlighted to create a continuous and even, smooth skin surface. For aging makeup, the reverse should be done; in other words, the artist will accentuate the demarcation shadows between the planes to separate them.


Treat aging makeup as more of a touch-up than a full-fledged makeup application. Less is more. Examine the makeup throughout the application process; what can be seen in close proximity will be present on camera.





Matthew Mungle: MM#1: Aging Makeup Using Stock Gelatin Appliances  
Greg Cannom: GC#1: Old Age Makeup Using Encapsulated Gelatin Appliances