Corrective Beauty


Seminar Contents

The goal here is to fully correct all flaws and still allow the subject to remain natural in appearance.

This procedure is an attempt to create 100 percent correction.

Simply speaking, the professional makeup artist may divide the complete corrective makeup into two stages:


  1. The corrective, complete-foundation or complexion stage:
    1. Everything up to and including finishing powder.

  2. The corrective design stage is as follows:
    1. The re-intensification of already applied and powdered cream highlights and shadows with dry-applied or wet/dry-applied powder highlighting and shading accent products.
    2. The application of dry-applied cheek color over the already powdered cream cheek color (also for the purpose of further accentuation).
    3. The application of lip makeup.


This technique of makeup application is the most sought after and is sometimes called "a hundred percent clean beauty makeup".




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