Glamour / High Fashion


Seminar Contents

This makeup comprises a clean beauty makeup with a more dramatic, complete foundation phase first through more emphatic execution of cream cheek color, cream shading, and highlighting, followed by more obviously accented powdered shading and highlighting accents after powdering is complete. Each step of the complete foundation phase may be approached to produce greater contrast within the application of cream highlighting, shading, and cheek color, rather than a simple application of a less contrasting, natural-appearing clean beauty makeup with dry-applied accents for the sake of future punch-up (accentuation).

Glamour makeup, although intended to be dramatic, should never call attention to itself by being garishly overdone or unflattering.  It must always follow the guidelines established by the normal, anatomical shape and structure of the face, as the artist creates more absolute definition of line and shape in tandem with increased color enhancement.


A glamour makeup can imply grace, gentility, and sophistication, or exude a provocative, alluring, exotic appeal.  In either case, glamour makeup must captivate the eye of the beholder more emphatically than the naturalness of a clean beauty makeup.


High Fashion


Fashion beauty makeup is a more accented or defined, and often bizarre decorative makeup. The complete foundation phase of fashion makeup can be identical to that of clean beauty in its creation of a perfect complexion, but the steps of the design phase (cheek color, as well as eye and lip designs) will differ, ranging from extremely natural, to very dramatic, to shockingly outrageous. There are no rules.




Landy Dean: LD#5 Outline: Editorial Fashion Make up: avant-garde make up for a high-fashion editorial photo shoot  
Landy Dean: LD#6 Outline: Retro Modern Glamour: a 1950’s period make up using modern textures, colors and technique