Gore & Death Effects


Seminar Contents

From the mid-1960’s Joe Blasco pioneered some of the most unique and ground-breaking Gore and bloody torture and death Makeup techniques in films which set the standard for many motion pictures to follow. 


Shocking titles include: ‘Ilsa,’ ‘She-Wolf of the SS,’ ‘Ilsa Harem Keeper of the Oil Sheiks,’ ‘Johnny Firecloud,’ ‘Track of the Moon Beast,’ ‘Clonus,’ ‘Hannah Queen of the Vampires,’ ‘The Touch of Satan,’ ‘Shivers (They Came From Within),’ and ‘Rabid,’ to but name a few. 


These are films for which Joe Blasco developed the makeup gore, and bladder effects which shocked the world and opened the floodgates for future special makeup effects artists and Gore effects specialists world-wide. 


These seminars are not for the squeamish or faint-of-heart!  Parental guidance is definitely recommended and this seminar should not be viewed by minors or any individuals who are offended by grotesque, bloody mutilation, torture, and extremely realistic death simulation effects. 


Concerned parents should not permit underage children to view these seminars!




Matthew Mungle: MM#3: Death and Gore Effects: Using Gelatin Appliances, Silicone Appliances and Silicone Sculpting Gel  
Matthew Mungle: MM#4: Special Make-up Effects Television Script Breakdown and Budgeting