Classic Monster Makeup


Seminar Contents

The classic monster makeup techniques were originally devised during the 1920’s and 30’s by such artists as Lon Chaney Sr., Cecil Holland, and Jack P. Pierce.  Construction makeup techniques in fact was a lost art that has been passed down through makeup history and continued by Joe Blasco through his makeup schools and talented graduates world-wide.  Artists who understand the principles of construction makeup and who are able to refine the techniques for today’s HD processes will be among the most sought after makeup artists in the industry.  Why? … Because these special techniques allow the production company to save time and money.

Through the use of skillful application of cotton, latex, wax and gelatin the artists can create remarkable and realistic monster effects upon the actor without the use of prosthetic appliances and molding casting techniques, which can take weeks and sometimes months to accomplish.   This often over-looked and under-rated area of professional makeup artistry is normally only attempted by the most talented and perceptive of artists.  Be one of them!