Natural Beauty


Seminar Contents

This technique is considered by most professional makeup artists to be one of the simplest and fastest to apply.


The artist applies makeup with more detail than would be done for a documentary makeup in an effort to create minimal improvement in facial features, the results of which will compensate for lighting. Natural Beauty technique is normally considered to be less designed (eye and lip treatment) than a clean beauty makeup, and is sometimes called "straight" makeup.







Ronnie Specter: RS#1: Fundamental Beauty Makeup by Ronnie Specter  
Landy Dean: LD#1 Outline: Todays Classic Eyebrow: a modern brow tweezing and shaping demonstration  
Landy Dean: LD#3 Outline: Fresh Beauty Make up: a clean make up for a cosmetic or skin care advertising campaign  
Landy Dean: LD#4 Outline: Ageless Beauty Make up: appropriate colors, textures and techniques for a mature woman  
Landy Dean: LD#7 Outline: A Deeper Skin Tone: colors, textures and techniques for Women of Color