Prosthesis Application


Seminar Contents

The terms molding and casting, in relation to the professional makeup industry, have a history that dates back to the fine arts methods of body part preservation. Faces and hands of famous people were captured in life and death masks (taken before and after death, respectively) with the use of Plaster of Paris molds as negatives from which positive castings were then made.

As additional makeup materials and prosthetics products were developed for such character work as transforming the faces of subjects into those of historical characters, as well as for the burgeoning genre of horror and imaginative films featuring extra-terrestrial creatures, more and more actors were asked to have molds and casts made as a basis for such required changes in appearance.

Prosthetic makeup involves the application of handmade artificial pieces that are molded upon the cast of a human face. The pieces themselves are usually made of foam latex and sometimes of urethane rubber, gelatin, or silicone.


These seminars demonstrate the application techniques of pre made appliances.  This extremely important part of professional makeup artistry is a must for all artists who wish to have that “critical edge” over others in the field.